About Us

About Us

BESTSOURCING is a design, production, sales and service for an integrated enterprise.


Company Profile

As the leading supplier of quality fabric in China, generating from 10-year industry experience, we have R&D departmentlocal manufacturing,distribution network capable of supporting a broad spectrum of global market.


-Mission Statement: Bestsourcing are committed to continuous improvements in innovation, execution and social responsibility based on integrity and sustainability.

-Corporate Message: At Bestsourcing, we go one step farther by having our own strict corporate safety and compliance requirements. We have a diverse array of community programs specifically designed to empower young people and promote sustainable economic growth. Multi-position training and various opportunities for advancement are within the company.   

-Research & Development: We strive to be on the leading edge of product development and innovation in new technologies and new materials. Our R&D department conducts seasonal, graphic, wash and fabric trend research in US, Europe and Korea.

-ManufacturingIn order to response to the market, Bestsourcing maintain the facilities, which include spinning, knitting, printing and finishing machines, at highly performance. We leverage technology and employee knowledge to ensure production process meets high standards.


Bestsourcing is to excess customer’s expectations in providing quality products, considerate service and timely delivery, and look forward continued growth in win-win cooperation.